Phillip Di Bella

Entrepreneurship is a way of life and intelligence for me, not a title. Every project that I embark upon, my goal is to do it different or better than anyone else. It was this passion and entrepreneurial spirit that led me to start up my first business venture, a small coffee-roasting operation in the suburbs of Brisbane in 2002. I identified a gap in the coffee market. There was no local coffee company that successfully matched the quality of their products with excellent customer service and a strong brand, all at a reasonable price. This business grew from a start up to the largest of its kind in Australia before I sold it 12 years later. I strive to make my group of companies matter to customers. I want to ensure that I am relevant in the future am continually looking at innovative ways to do so. I am not limited by my available resources; I am continually looking to fill the void in the market to meet customer’s needs and solve problems. My mantra is ‘tomorrow better than today’. My goal is to continue building and improving and use our achievements to fuel our momentum and keep moving forward to bigger and better things. I never rest on the laurels of my success but continue to pursue new ventures through which to challenge myself, and seek opportunities to develop or share my skills. I continue to strive as a leader in my industry and as an entrepreneur, and am always challenging myself personally and professionally whilst ensuring to give back to community.
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