Australia’s most sustainable coffee set to help save our endangered faunal emblems

The Sustainable Coffee Company and Parks Victoria have launched Coffee for Nature, a program to create habitat for critically endangered Victorian wildlife.


4/15/20243 min read

The Sustainable Coffee Company and Parks Victoria have launched Coffee for Nature, a program to create habitat for critically endangered Victorian wildlife.

Under the partnership, every kilo of Coffee for Nature sold will directly fund seed collection, propagation, site preparation and planting of a habitat tree, shrub or understory plant to create habitat for Victoria’s state faunal emblems, the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater and Lowland Leadbeater Possum.

Plantings will take place in specific reforestation projects under Parks Victoria management. The first planting site is Haining Farm, a former dairy and now conservation site on the Don River in Victoria’s Upper Yarra region. Haining farm restoration project is a multi-year scientific restoration project, aiming to create viable new habitat areas to enable the release of these endangered species, and improving their prospects for survival.

Coffee for Nature green beans are sourced from Brazil’s Bom Jesus Coffee Farm, ranked 3rd among Brazil’s most sustainable large farms (of all types) and the most sustainable coffee farm in 2023 in a competition held by Globo Rural magazine.

Sustainable Coffee Company Director Brendan Condon said: “We aim to provide an income stream to allow for continued restoration of sites like Haining Farm which will help boost the prospects of some of Australia’s most endangered species.”

“Our Coffee for Nature scheme will expand to include additional biodiversity sites in Australia aimed at restoring habitat restoration, carbon drawdown and multiple other benefits. It’s a mechanism for consumers to contribute directly to ecological restoration every time they enjoy a coffee.”

“We are aiming to present Coffee for Nature to cafes, not for profits, hospitality groups and online audiences as a great way to ensure they’re drinking an ethically sourced, sustainable coffee with a strong nature positive story both at the farm of origin as well as here in Australia. Coffee for Nature embeds scientific biodiversity restoration and positive action to protect endangered species with the enjoyment of one of the highest quality specialty coffees available in Australia.”

“Coffee for Nature embeds consideration and restoration of biodiversity restoration into the Australian coffee supply chain. We aim to make this a new business as usual standard for sustainable coffee. We will also offer our coffee partners the opportunity for hands in the earth tree planting days on the beautiful Upper Yarra habitat restoration sites, where they will have the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with our team in planting trees, enjoying nature and having hands on nature conservation experiences.”

Parks Victoria Area Chief Ranger, Conrad Annal, said as land manager they are excited to partner with The Sustainable Coffee Company on the important restoration project.

“Creating habitat for our Victorian faunal emblems is a high priority, so we are pleased that Victorians can enjoy a Coffee for Nature coffee knowing they’re helping the Helmeted Honeyeater and Leadbeaters Possum fight back from their endangered status,” Mr Annal said.

Award winning ecological restoration company Australian Ecosystems will manage the restoration works. Australian Ecosystems has been directly involved in restoring sites for Helmeted Honeyeater and Lowland Leadbeater’s Possum since 2017, planting several hundred thousand plants at Haining Farm and the Yellingbo Conservation Area. The project is a science-based restoration and a collaboration between a range of organisations including Greening Australia, Zoos Victoria, Parks Victoria, the Victorian Government (DEWLP) and other stakeholders.

The diverse range of locally indigenous plants and trees used on this site have been grown to provenance at the Australian Ecosystems nursery, ensuring their suitability as habitat and food resources for the target species and resilience in the environment.

For more information on Australia's most sustainable coffee head to The Sustainable Coffee company's website.