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Cafe business insights: innovative products by Roastar that cut expenditure


Sean Edwards

12/13/20233 min read

One thing I have learnt in business is saving a dollar is like making two dollars.

If I can save $1 on a purchase and you have a margin multiplier of x 3 (300%) which turns the dollar you saved into $3 minus the $1 it cost you, you make $2!

Often, we think we must sell more to make more money, but buying smarter is an easy way to increase profits. There are lots of ways to make savings, like buying in bulk, run-out stocks, or picking up product directly from the warehouse.

I want to talk about cutting out the middleman. Most things you buy go through multiple hands and multiple monetary margin clips. For example, manufacturer – agent 10% – distributor 40% – retailer 100%. By the time the product gets from the manufacturer to you, you may have paid 50% more than needed. Often manufacturers won’t sell directly to the end user, but as retail space becomes too expensive and more people use online shopping, the manufacturer to customer model is developing.

We have been working closely with MPM Marketing on the cafe-supply side of their packaging businesses. They have created an online packaging business called Roastar which will allow coffee roasters and cafes to take control of their purchasing decisions and buy direct for mainstream products cafes use daily. They have also created Roastar branded cafe products that will fit straight into the look of the modern cafe structure.

Please see below Press Release and the good story behind the new smart business model.

Sean Edwards,
Managing Director Cafe Culture

Roastar delivers local, sustainable and reduced cost packaging for café owners and operators

Roastar has entered the coffee packaging market with innovative, sustainable and disruptive products to challenge the status quo. With the cost of doing business sharply on the rise, this locally-based outfit is determined to partner with customers to help reduce their packaging spend.

“We know that costs are increasing exponentially,” said Roastar General Manager, Clive Jacobs. “Our blended logistics model reduces risk, improves speed to market and boosts cashflow. Local manufacture supports jobs and the economy, but importantly for our customers, we are able to visit you to help you identify and solve your packaging problems with innovative, sustainable solutions.” Clive brings more than 20 years of niche technical packaging experience to the business and promises laser-focus, value, innovation and specialist advice for the coffee packaging industry.

Roastar parent company, MPM Marketing Services, has a proud history of research and development, bringing revolutionary and exciting packaging products to the Australian and New Zealand food packaging market for more than 50 years. The Good Cup is one of Roastar’s new, disruptive products. With an urgency to curb climate change and help the planet, its unique integrated lid design will help customers stand out from the crowd and also say goodbye to plastic lids for good. “You can do a world of good by making a simple change,” Clive said. “This cup will reduce your SKU’s, save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s one of the most sustainable single use cups on the market”

While Roastar is being recognised for innovative products like The Good Cup and their BeanShield kerbside recyclable coffee bag, they also offer a full suite of café supplies from hot cups and lids to stirrers, carry trays and washroom products - most available for custom branding. “We are laser-focused on keeping customers ahead of the sustainability curve while delivering a competitive edge on a full range of packaging for everything coffee.”

More than half of Roastar products are Australian-made. Many packaging players claim their products are sustainable, “but are they locally made?” Jacobs questions. “Our coffee cups are made in our Sydney factory and for every two containers of imported cups, we only need to bring in approximately one container of raw materials to manufacture the same quantity.” As the world burns fossil fuels and cuts down forests, carbon footprint has become important to many businesses wishing to make a sustainable change. “Choosing local manufacture supports Australian jobs and reduces the use of fossil fuels. A win for the planet and Australia!” remarks Clive.

The Roastar offering includes hundreds of premium packaging products and café supplies. Their catalogue is focused on sustainable solutions with direct to end user pricing, while the online shop offers a quick and easy way to purchase.

Start saving today. Connect with a locally-owned, established, coffee-focused business to request samples, learn more or buy online.

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